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Green Products

In today's packaging industry, Wrap Tite, Inc. is the most trusted source for green products, offering the widest range of quality eco-friendly products, and also the best information for the customers. Often, customers just don't know how to make that change or where to get the products that are most eco-friendly. That is why Wrap Tite, Inc. is there to help you.

Wrap Tite's mission is to promote a cleaner and healthier world for all.

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Mighty 80 Cored Pre-Stretch

SHIELD WRAP Pre-Stretched Stretch Wrap is an ultra-lightweight blown film engineered to replace traditional 70/80 gauge clear and color film at more than 20% in savings. It has excellent cling, stiffness, and strength. It's reinforced edges make it nick proof, a huge advantage over traditional film.
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Max 80 Coreless Pre-Stretch

SHIELD WRAP NoCo Wrap cast film has been engineered to replace traditional 70/80 gauge hand and banding film. It's ergonomic, has superior strength, is lightweight, and you apply while walking forward. The core-less feature makes it eco-friendly and the bulk option enables zero waste. No cores or boxes to dispose of.
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Biodegradable Clear Stretch

SHIED WRAP Biodegradable Clear Stretch Wrap is an oxy-biodegradable film that transforms while in the presence of oxygen into a biodegradable material. It's made using Symphony's D2W additive so it's recyclable like traditional stretch film and an environmentally conscious alternative at a reasonable price.

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